EoS is the first system of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation combining high efficiency in a compact solution, the benefits of a recovery and renewal in the dehumidifier operating principle of free cooling.Il allows :
  • recirculation
  • recirculation and recovery
  • renewal with free-cooling
  • recirculation with renewal

management and comfort throughout the year. If the systems VMC lower the overall need for warmth and play an important role in ensuring an environment of continuous air without compromising the performance and the energy consumption of the building, flexibility and versions of EoS proposed by Aertesi make this new product something different and unique in the management of buildings unit.In class A plant with air ventilation and radiant, the EOS series allows considerable savings in terms of investment, more than 50%. False ceiling easy installatio, it is smart for rebuilding ans new concept building.


EoS W:  unit of water
EoS DE: direct expansion units

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