Eurovent certified units, available in 55 main sizes that can be customized, with air flow rates from 500 to 200.000 m³/h and a pressure range up to 3.000 Pa.

SAMP follows the Eurovent certification program which makes every year controls of the selection software and certifies the performances of the units produced.

SAMP has two certified Model Boxes with extruded high resistance aluminum alloy profiles with 60×60 mm section. Profiles are with thermal break reaching transmittance class and thermal break T2-TB2 according to EN 1886:2008.

Panels are 60 mm thick with internal insulation in heat-injected polyurethane foam with a density of 45/50 kg/m³ or oriented mineral wool fibers with density of 100 kg/m³.

The unit frame, made with special profile/panel coupling systems, guarantees leakage class L2 and mechanical strength D1 according to EN 1886:2008.

If you want to know more about it, look for SAMP on Eurovent website:

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